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There’s only one way to ensure that your home-of-a-lifetime turns out exactly how you want it to.

Design and build it yourself.

Rather than making sacrifices, settling for second-best, or only ticking some of your boxes, a custom-designed and built home can fit your dreams perfectly.

At Transform Renovations & Custom Homes in Calgary, we work closely with homeowners who are prepared to think big, refuse to cut corners, and demand quality at every turn.

Our team of boutique home construction and interior design professionals build unique, eye-catching architectural designs with stunning, luxurious interiors.

Our homes make a lasting impression and are designed to serve your family for a lifetime.

With Transform as your custom home builder, you’ll guarantee that there’s no other home quite like yours on the street.

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What can you expect from us?

Achieving your dream home is about more than choosing the right design and using the best materials in its construction.

You need the help of professionals who understand what you really want to achieve – and with the experience to deliver it.

The Transform team has been working with Calgary families to beautify homes around the city and beyond for years with major renovation and building projects.

As a family-run, boutique custom home builder with a broad network of talented local professionals to call on, we can provide the personalized service that larger firms around Calgary can only dream of.

We get to know your family’s lifestyle and your goals for the future - and we are just as invested in the success of the project as you are.

We guarantee:

  • Communication – throughout the project, we are in constant contact with you to keep you informed of progress.
  • Creativity – we offer creative design ideas that set out to accomplish all of your goals with your new home.
  • Integrity – our business lives and dies by our reputation amongst Calgary homeowners, so you’ll find that we stick by our word.
  • Quality – we will advise how you can achieve real quality with your new home without it blowing your budget.

Meet our team

As a husband-and-wife team, we like to keep things small and manageable – but that doesn’t prevent us from thinking big and being able to deliver on major custom home projects.

With over 15 years’ experience in Calgary’s building trade, we know all the right people to deliver whatever you need for your ideal home to be made a reality.

Meet Rod and Sarah.

Rod Sztabzyb
Rod Sztabzyb

Rod is the practical side of the team

Rodrigo founded and created Transform Renovations & Custom Homes. As a certified journeyman cabinetmaker, all custom cabinetry requests are built by Rod personally.

Rod is also responsible for negotiating the lowest prices for materials and for making all the connections in the trade to ensure that every professional working on your home is the best of the best.

Sarah Sztabzyb
Sarah Sztabzyb

Sarah is the creative side of the team

With over a decade of design experience, Sarah adds her creative eye to projects, assisting with everything from material selection to detailed room layout and décor.

She converts an initial concept into your dream home with design ideas that turn blank spaces into rooms that make lifestyles come alive.

Our partners help us make it happen.

During our time in the building trade, we’ve built close relationships with the finest industry professionals in Calgary construction.

We’re picky about who we work with – and only trust the most skilled and respectful tradespeople to work on your custom home.

Our Process

Every home we build is like building our own home again

We treat every home personally. And that’s not said lightly.

You will be surprised by the energy and passion we put into your home – and that’s because we treat each project like we are designing and building our own home again.

We know how exciting it is to design your own home and see it come to life before your eyes.

But we also know that it doesn’t happen without the right team in place. It requires a strong understanding of your lifestyle and your goals for your home, attention to detail in the planning and design process, impeccable workmanship in the delivery phase, and expert choices when applying the finishing touches.

5 questions to consider before hiring your custom home builder in Calgary

  1. Have you seen proof of their building licenses?
    Get the basic requirements out of the way first. Ensure your custom home builder is fully licensed in the industry.
  2. Are there local homes built as examples for you to check?
    You should be able to drive out to see the properties that your home builder has worked on before and, if possible, talk to the owners.
  3. Do you have eco-friendly construction requirements? if so, can your home builder deliver?
    Not every builder is across the latest in green builds. Our network of trusted and reputable contractors includes professionals who are experienced in building eco-friendly features into new custom homes.
  4. If you’re looking for an acreage home, can your home builder deliver?
    Some home builders in Calgary tend to stick to the city limits. As long as you are in the Calgary vicinity, we can help you build your home whether you are in the middle of the city or in a more rural setting.
  5. What’s your home building budget?
    Get an idea of what you are prepared to pay for your custom home build (ideally have a range) and see whether the estimates for your project are more or less within those figures.

    It is impossible to cost a custom home accurately without extensive information but most builders can provide estimates after a meeting or two.

Why Choose Transform Renovations & Custom Homes?

  • An established and trusted name: we’ve been bringing high-quality services to Calgarians and Albertans for over 15 years and have a track record that we’re proud of.
  • Only the best: we only work with the best of the bests. Over the years, we’ve narrowed it down to a network of only the most qualified tradespeople.
  • Creativity: you can expect some new ideas and fresh takes on what you thought was possible with your spaces.
  • End-to-end project management: we’ll manage every step of the project until it’s timely completed.
  • A highly responsive service: we keep you informed every step of the way until you’re happy with the outcome.

Where do you start on a custom home?

Custom home building is a complex undertaking that must pull together many moving parts: from concept, planning, and design to lot selection, building, landscaping, interior design, furnishing, and the rest.

It helps to start the process by talking to experienced builders who can advise you on the right steps from the beginning.

Start a conversation with Rod and Sarah during a free consultation and it may just lead to your dream home.

We will plan, design and
execute your renovation desires

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