Home Additions Calgary

Home Additions Calgary

If you love your Calgary home and don’t want to move, but need changes made. Custom home additions are a great way to get the best of both worlds.

Whether you want to enjoy more living space with a second-storey addition, extend the kitchen, add a sunroom or basement, or simply increase the value of your home, you can achieve what you want without the upheaval of selling the place you love and relocating.

With the Transform Renovations team, custom home additions are project managed expertly from start to finish so that the disruption to family life is kept to an absolute minimum throughout.

You and your family get to continue doing what you do, while our team brings your custom home addition to life before your eyes.

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Second Storey Additions Calgary

Second storey additions

Adding a second storey to a single-storey property can truly transform it. It’s like getting a new home in the same great location.

This solution is ideal for growing families who need extra space and love their neighbourhood. Especially with the kids happily set in their local school.

You can add new bedrooms, more living space, new bathrooms, and so on. You achieve the additional space, functionality and value of the home addition without any effect on the yard or garden space, which is prized by so many Calgary homeowners.

Basement Additions Calgary

Basement additions

Have you always wanted that basement movie room for you and the family to enjoy with a bucket of popcorn?

Maybe a games room or even a spare bedroom in the basement, or maybe simply more storage space?

The option of a basement addition to your home can present a real lifestyle boost and bring much-needed practical benefits. it’s up to you.

Sunroom Additions in Calgary

Sunroom additions

Sunrooms bring warmth and light into Calgary homes, which is often very welcome in the midst of our long winters.

In spring, summer and autumn too, sunrooms are the place to sit back, relax, and contemplate the better things in life while enjoying the views.

If you prefer to do more with your sunroom, why not use it as an office or entertainment area or a dining area for dinner parties?

The good news is sunroom additions are generally cheaper alternatives to standard room additions as they need shallow foundations (similar to a garage).

Garage Additions in Calgary

Garage additions

A garage addition built for your Calgary home can bring many practical benefits.

Obviously, it’s a place to keep the car safe and in pristine condition but it can also provide much-needed storage space for items that are just gathering dust around the home.

Some garage additions also serve as workshops for creative minds or DIY enthusiasts.

Other new living spaces

Other new living spaces

Your home addition doesn’t have to be a major project like a whole new storey or basement.

Perhaps you want to add a room above the garage to act as a study or home office? Most of us have had to get used to the idea of working from home at some point in the last few years.

Do you need to convert an existing space into a guest bedroom or extend the kitchen or a bathroom? If you need more storage room inside your home, you might want a new closet or consider a laundry room to free up space.

At Transform Renovations & Custom Homes, every project is treated on its merits. We’ll listen to what you want to achieve and then advise on your options.

What do you need to know before adding to your home?

You’ll likely have plenty of questions before you go ahead with a new home addition. Here are some of the questions you might want to ask your home addition contractor:

  • How long will a home addition take to build?

    A new bathroom might take a matter of weeks to complete but a second storey addition will take months.

    Your contractor should be able to provide a general timeline based on similar projects so that you can start planning for a convenient timeslot.

  • Do you need a permit for home additions in Calgary?

    Most home additions in Calgary require a building permit or “building safety approval”.

    You may also require planning approval (a development permit) depending on the size and location of the addition/home.

    For some additions, there is also the requirement for a City of Calgary development completion inspection to be conducted after the work is done.

  • How much does a home addition permit cost and can you get it for me?

    Building safety approval currently costs $345.28- $1364.48 in Calgary, depending on the size of the addition. The lower fees apply to an addition of 400 square feet or less.

    Planning approval currently costs $192 – $621. Development completion inspections are charged at $163.

    The relevant permits and inspections are quite easy to arrange. We will help you obtain what you need and advise you on what will pass and what could be problematic for permits, based on prior experience.

  • How much will the total home addition construction project cost?

    We can usually provide an accurate quotation for the project once we meet with you, discuss your ideas, and formulate a proposal for the work. As part of the service we provide, we will advise you on how to achieve the look you want within your budget and will tell you if that budget is unrealistic.

Meet our team

With over 15 years in the industry, Rod and Sarah Sztabzyb provide the “complete package” for property owners looking to transform their homes with an addition to their homes.

Rod and his industry-leading team of craftsmen make the building magic happen while Sarah looks after the design side of the project.

Together, they ensure that your home additions project comes through in style, on budget and on time with the minimum of disruption to you and your family.

We keep the lines of communication open at all times throughout the design and building process so you know exactly what’s happening in your home.

Don’t take any chances with your home additions project. We have a tried and tested process that will bring success.

Our Process

  1. Virtual Consultation
    First, our team will schedule a virtual meeting with you to discuss your hopes, needs, and timescale so we can provide you with a free estimate, and design plan and prepare for any required permits.
  2. Starting Your Renovation Project
    Once you’ve approved the design plan and renovation cost estimate, we’ll get to work.
    We will take care of disconnecting any electrical or plumbing, provide demo services and cover every aspect of your renovation, including inspections and permits from the City of Calgary.
  3. The Most Exciting Step - Delivery
    Once completed, we will walk you through your transformed space to make sure you’re 100% satisfied (and more!) with the results.

Why Choose Transform Renovations for your addition?

We’ve been trusted by homeowners in Calgary for over 15 years.

Don’t believe us? Click the badges and see for yourself.

  • An established and trusted name: we’ve been bringing high-quality renovations to local homes for over 15 years and have a track record that we’re proud of.
  • Only the best: we’re choosy about the professionals we work with. Over the years, we’ve narrowed it down to only the best tradespeople.
  • Creativity: you can expect some new ideas and fresh takes on what you thought was possible with your spaces.
  • Expertise: Rod’s expertise is cabinetry and Sarah’s is interior design. That’s a perfect match.
  • End-to-end project management: we’ll manage every step of the project until it is completed timely.
  • A highly responsive service: we keep you informed every step of the way until you’re happy with the outcome.
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