A three-step solution for better renovations

We make it easy.
Our goal is create the home you envision. To deliver you a renovation of high-quality design and craftsmanship we take the necessary steps to make the process as easy and stress free as possible.

  1. We will schedule a virtual meet with you to discuss your needs, hopes and timelines. Once we have a good idea of what you’re looking for from your renovation, we’ll provide you with a free project estimate and pull any necessary permit to ensure your dream can become a reality.
  2. It’s so exciting to get things started, but we won’t begin the work until you’ve approved the design plan and renovation cost estimate. We take care of disconnecting any electrical or plumbing, provide demo services and cover every aspect of your renovation. As we get closer to finishing, we arrange for all necessary inspections from the City of Calgary.
  3. We won’t lie – this is the most exciting part. The after to your before gets a thorough clean up, the final touches on your renovation, and a final walk-through of the space to ensure your satisfaction with our work.

Our pricing

How our pricing works

At Transform Renovations, we want to avoid confusion, avoid budget blowouts, and avoid the stress that comes with “cost-plus” pricing with renovation projects.

That’s why all of our pricing is fixed and guaranteed. We will consult with you, the client, before we commence on any additional work.

It takes us a little more time upfront to provide an accurate quotation that includes everything. But by doing that, you benefit from the certainty of knowing exactly what you pay for your project from the beginning.

Transform Pricing Vs. Industry Pricing

Transform pricing

Our upfront planning and pricing mean that you can plan for the cost a lot easier! We have nothing to hide, the price you are quoted is the final price you will pay. If changes are made, we will not mark them up.

With Transform, you pay one price with everything included. Here’s the breakdown of what is included in your quote:

  • Extensive planning and design work - this ensures that we cost everything accurately according to your end goals.
  • All design drawings and construction specifications completed and fully priced - so that what we quote is what you’ll pay.
  • We manage the design and renovation process from start to finish – you don’t have to deal with third-party contractors.
  • Open communications and transparency - we make sure that you are kept up to date with every stage of the project, especially with the cost of everything.
  • Carefully handcrafted material selections - because we do the purchasing based on a pre-agreed quote, we are careful where we buy from.
  • Client-focused system - once our quote is approved, we purchase agreed materials and arrange the work according to agreed schedules.

Here’s Transform’s guarantee - when you work with us, there will not be any unexpected prices. That means:

  • If we misquote you, that’s our business and you won’t be asked to pay more.
  • Market fluctuations are our business – not yours (if the price of materials goes up after we had agreed on the selections, it comes off our bottom line).
  • No ad hoc charges for change orders.

Industry pricing

Sometimes, the price you’re quoted may not be the price you end up paying. It may change and most of the time that means an increase.

It is important to work with a reputable and trustworthy contractor to avoid paying for:

  • A project with flexible pricing - that fluctuates depending on the true costs of purchasing materials, third party contractor quotes, etc.
  • Additional fees for project management and supervisors - that were not in the estimated pricing.
  • Incomplete specifications for construction materials - resulting in additional costs.
  • Unexpected onsite decisions - that may result in changes to the project and consequential price increases.
  • Market fluctuations - this can also result in project cost increases.
  • A contractor that doesn’t have your best interests - and does not search for the best prices because you, the client, will foot the bill.
  • A contractor that benefits from loyalty kickbacks with suppliers – savings that are not passed to you, the client.
  • Mistakes in the quote - resulting in you being asked to cover the shortfalls.
  • Contractor-focused system - you may be charged for change orders, pay more if the time it takes to complete the job increases or you may even be persuaded to make additions and therefore pay more.