Luxury Renovations Calgary

Luxury Renovations Calgary

Are you looking for that luxury renovation you’ve always wanted but have never made a top priority?

Perhaps that elegant bedroom you always dreamed of?

There’s no shame in wanting a little slap of luxury from time to time and what better place to express that than in your home?

At Transform Renovations, luxury is one of the things we do best.

We can help you transform your living areas into wonderfully unique and expressive spaces that you’re proud to call “home”.

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Luxury Home Renovations

To achieve the style, functionality, and beauty you want in your home, you need the right blend of design expertise, excellent choices, and high-quality workmanship.

Not all renovation companies have the know-how to bring these elements together.

We do.

Our in-house expertise covers both design and craftsmanship – and we will work with you to make the right choices that bring your ideal home a big step closer.

As one of Calgary’s premier interior design and renovations companies, we’ve helped many homeowners around the city beautify their homes over the past decade and more.

We believe in creativity in the planning stage and excellence of materials and craftsmanship in the delivery stage.

That way, you get the style you want in your home and we walk away content with a job well done.

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Our Services

Luxury Kitchen Renovations in Calgary

Kitchen Renovations

Is your kitchen simply a place to prepare meals? Or do you want it to be one of the centrepieces of your home where the family gets together and shares quality time as well as a meal?

We’re bursting with design ideas to help you remodel your kitchen into a stylish and luxurious space where you’ll be proud to host dinners and welcome guests – without losing the day-to-day functionality you expect.

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Luxury Bathroom Renovations in Calgary

Bathroom Renovations

Your bathroom is where you start and end the day before and after bed – it should be an oasis where you feel completely relaxed and comfortable in pampering yourself.

If you want to add a dash of elegance and style to an old and tired-looking bathroom, now’s your chance to bathe in luxury with creative designs, top-of-the-range fixtures and fittings, and superb craftsmanship.

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Luxury Basement Renovations in Calgary

Basement Renovations

Is your basement little more than a glorified storeroom?

What a waste of space! With a little imagination and expertise, that storeroom can become a home theatre where all the family spend time together, a luxury guest bedroom or a spacious kid’s playroom.

Why not use the space you have to improve your home life with a beautiful basement renovation?

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Luxury Home Renovations in Calgary

Full Home Renovations

No Calgary home is too big to remodel.

Our full home renovation service is for you if you want to completely refashion your outdated living spaces into luxurious areas that the family can enjoy together.

We help you breathe new life into your entire home, from the kitchen to the living room, bedrooms, bathrooms, and basement areas.

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Luxury Interior Design in Calgary

Interior Design

Just need some new ideas to liven up a living area or add a splash of elegance or colour to a bedroom?

Or perhaps some wider design ideas to remodel an entire home in luxury?

Our inhouse interior designer takes a consultative approach, to help shape living areas according to your personal tastes but with the creative edge that she is known for.

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Luxury Cabinets Calgary

Built-in & small additions

As a one-stop renovation company, we design and build all the cabinetry that Calgary homeowners need to transform living areas: from built-ins and stand-alone wardrobes to kitchen cabinetry and bathroom vanities.

Whether you simply need more storage space or custom cabinets that suit your personal aesthetic preferences, we can design and build what you need.

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Why Choose Transform?

  • An established and trusted name: we’ve been bringing high-quality renovations to local homes for over 15 years and have a track record that we’re proud of.
  • Only the best: we’re choosy about the professionals we work with. Over the years, we’ve narrowed it down to only the best tradespeople.
  • Creativity: you can expect some new ideas and fresh takes on what you thought was possible with your spaces.
  • Expertise: Rod’s expertise is cabinetry and Sarah’s is interior design. That’s a perfect match.
  • End-to-end project management: we’ll manage every step of the project until it’s timely completion.
  • A highly responsive service: we keep you informed every step of the way until you’re happy with the outcome.
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Our Process

  1. Virtual Consultation
    First, our team will schedule a virtual meet with you to discuss your hopes, needs, and timescale so we can provide you with a free estimate, design plan and prepare for any required permits.
  2. Starting Your Renovation Project
    It’s so exciting to get things started, but we won’t begin the work until you’ve approved the design plan and renovation cost estimate.
    We will take care of disconnecting any electrical or plumbing, provide demo services and cover every aspect of your renovation.
    We will also take care of all permits and necessary inspections required.
  3. Your Dream Delivery (The Most Exciting Step)
    Once finished, we’ll walk you through your transformed space to make sure you’re 100% satisfied (and more!) with the results.
    We will organize a thorough clean up and complete any required final touches on your renovation.

Start your luxury home renovation here.

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