Personalized Interior Design Calgary

At Transform Renovations, we work side-by-side with our customers to help you navigate the infinite amount of options and make the right choices for your home project. We offer Personalized Interior Design services that design your ideal renovation based on your tastes, the needs of your space, and your colour and finish preferences. We can help you choose the perfect tile, floor colour, wall shade, hardware, lighting and more – from traditional style to modern and minimal. The choice is yours and we can guide you through every step of your decision process.

Additionally, Transform Renovations gives you options for the look and design of your space. The interior design and planning of your renovation can sometimes depend on structural changes or permits required to complete the work. While these variants can affect your design, we work hard to find the design solutions you need to achieve your envisioned renovation.

We will plan, design and
execute your renovation desires

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