Basement Renovations Calgary

Basement Renovations Calgary

Basements are often an under-utilized space.

This will no longer be the case with a little help from our team at Transform Renovations.

From a playroom to an additional living room, your basement could soon become a space the entire family loves spending time in.

Here at Transform Renovations, we can help you transform your basement into the most practical yet stylish space in your home.

We can show you how to maximize its impact by giving it functionality and the wow factor.

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Everything You Need to Know Before Renovating Your Basement

Basement Renos Calgary

Undergoing a basement development in Calgary takes a lot of time, planning, and professional input.

This is due to the fact that basements aren’t often designed as living spaces.

It’s important that the space is redeveloped into one that’s well insulated, properly ventilated, damp-free, and structurally safe.

After all, with the harsh winters we get in Alberta, the last thing you want is a burst pipe or rising damp!

Thankfully, we have an extensive experience in remodeling basements in Calgary and we will address all of these concerns so you won’t have any sleepless nights.

We will conduct a full evaluation of your basement to ensure all of the right plans, building codes, and permits are in place.

And we’ll do all of this within your timescale.

Did you know – we even offer custom cabinetry? Building everything in-house, our owner, Rod Sztabzyb, helps maximize your space while introducing gorgeous design features that stand out from the crowd.

Our Process

  1. Virtual Consultation
    First, our team will schedule a virtual meet with you to discuss your hopes, needs, and timescale so we can provide you with a free estimate, design plan and prepare for any required permits.
  2. Starting Your Renovation Project
    It’s so exciting to get things started, but we won’t begin the work until you’ve approved the design plan and renovation cost estimate.
    We will take care of disconnecting any electrical or plumbing, provide demo services and cover every aspect of your renovation.
  3. Your Dream Delivery (The Most Exciting Step)
    Once finished, we’ll walk you through your transformed space to make sure you’re 100% satisfied (and more!) with the results.
    We will organize a thorough clean up and complete any required final touches on your renovation.

How We Do Basement Renovation Projects

When you first meet with us, there are a number of common questions you might want to ask, including:

  • How long will my basement renovation take?

    This depends entirely on the work required and the size of the space.

    Ideally, you will need to allow several weeks for the work to be completed. However, we’ll provide a full, detailed plan of action from the very start so you know what to expect.

  • What limits are there for designing this space?

    If anything, basements offer greater scope because they’re often a blank canvas.

    Nevertheless, it’s important to hire a specialist basement contractor to address all the structural requirements before you start designing. And that’s exactly what we help you do.

  • Can I have a bathroom in my basement?

    Of course! We often include a basement bathroom remodel in our projects as it’s a practical feature for those using your basement. We can even recommend the most cost-effective area for the bathroom by looking at the existing pipework.

  • What will the basement walls and floors look like?

    Often, basements are finished with concrete – which, unless you’re going for the industrial look, can be quite unpleasant.

    That’s why we offer you as many possibilities as we can, allowing you to choose from a wide range of suitable basement flooring and wall options that are in keeping with the overall style of your home.

Why Choose Transform?

3 Innovative Basement Remodel Ideas

  1. Contemporary basement ideas

    Transform your basement into a gorgeous, open-plan, contemporary space that adds endless functionality to your home.

    From a sleek laundry room to a game room or an in-home movie theater, let your basement be an extension of your existing space.

  2. Small basement ideas

    If you’re restricted on space, why not utilize your basement as a private home office, cool bar area, handy storage space, kids’ play area, or soundproofed music room?

    Even the smallest of spaces can help give you and your family that much-needed extra room and entertainment.

  3. Serenity area

    Thanks to the additional privacy a basement offers, you could choose to turn your basement into its own area.

    This could be a man cave that’s great for when friends come around, a yoga retreat that offers wonderful tranquility, or a guest room separate to the rest of your busy family schedule.

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